Monthly Vet-to-Vet

For information on our monthly Vet-to-Vet program, please contact Dennis Sheridan.

Fort Worth Bi-Monthly Breakfast

For information regarding the every other month Special Forces / Ranger breakfast, contact Roy Hash or Bob Mitchell. The event is held at the Dixie House Cafe, 5401 S. Blue Mound Road in


Montagnard Community

For information regarding our support of the persecuted Montagnard community, please contact Ben Lyons.

Hot Poop from Group

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Greetings January 2021

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.

SFA CH 31 activities.

The VA, Bob Mitchell contacted the VA and they stated that there is no change still waiting for the COVID all clear

January 2021 is supposed to be our annual business meeting. It was decided to CANCEL our annual business meeting, due to the COVID chaos.    

Usually have a St Patricks celebration in March. Unless someone is willing to host this event, still up in the air.

So what is next?

One issue is that we need to get together as a group, start holding quarterly meetings. Just thinking out loud … but we are so spread out… maybe meet at VFWs or American Legions on a rotating basis. Assign a Chapter member to locate a meeting place “ on their side of town “ put the announcement out to the Chapter and rally up… ideas ?    

I have asked Luke Fraizer to look at the Circle Grill at Loop 12 and IH 30, maybe get together for a late breakfast or early lunch. Should have more information in about a week. 

Another issue is we will need a fund raiser soon, raise money for our Scholarship programs.  Years past we held a shooting event for a few paying donors. We could do another one of these or try something different like a golf tournament? We will have to spend and raise money to make money. 

If anyone has any ideas please bring them up .

Be safe