Chapter Officers

President - Ed Elder

VP - Bob MItchell

Secretary - Anthony Aguiniga

Treasurer - Linda Weston

Webmaster - Jim Webb

Latest Chapter Meeting Minutes

Chapter Meeting Minutes 1-24-15
Special Forces Association
Chapter XXXI
Billy M. Smith Chapter

Our Chapter held its annual business meeting at Southern Recipes Grill, 2715 N. Collins, Arlington, Tx. 76006. 

At 19:05 hours Chapter President Jerry Jochum opened the meeting. The Pledge of Allegiance and prayer by Luke Frazier were prior to start of meeting and dinner. Jerry reported that this was not an election year.  Minutes were presented, but Dennis Sheridan moved to waive their reading and Linda Weston seconded the motion.  Minutes were made available to members on request.

Jerry reviewed the calendar for the 2015-16 year.  He introduced Dennis Sheridan, who coordinates our Vet to Vet Program and is our Santa at Christmas.  Gene Pugh discussed the Medal of Honor Day that is held in Greenville, Tx. in the Spring.
Linda Weston then gave the treasurer’s report.  Linda reported that the Montanyard Christmas party was very successful and thanked the MOWW for again donating toys.  She also reported on several Chapter expenses for the year. The Chapter helped one of the Montanyards that had a heart attack and lost his job, provided food and cash for Vet to Vet, took a trailer to Canyon Lake, helped Mike Butler with expenses after he was injured, awarded $10,500 in scholarships, sponsored a suite at the annual Military Ball, paid for Jerry to attend the national conference, ordered shirts for the Vet to Vet volunteers and also for members interested in purchasing them, helped supply ammunition for the Chapter shoot, and again donated to Task Force Dagger. Our ending balance is $30,362.23.

There were no other officer reports.

Old or Unfinished Business:
Jerry reminded the chapter that we award a Special Forces Medal to 5 high schools in Mesquite and again encouraged chapter members to donate their time and money to this worthy cause.  Medals need to be purchased by members.  In addition, Linda Weston announced that we have an opportunity to help at these awards presentations by presenting other awards to the ROTC student.  Georgene Moon reported on a few changes to the George Petrie Memorial Scholarship and encouraged all present to look at the guidelines that will be posted on the website.  Jerry announced that it was time to pay membership dues if you have not.  Please send them to Linda Weston.

Jerry introduced Fred Sebren, who sponsors our webpage.  Jerry reminded members to use our webpage which is maintained by Jim Webb, and also reminded us that we have a Facebook page that he and Phil Stone maintain.  Fred again reminded chapter members that there is an opportunity to reach out to younger members who are enrolled in local universities and encouraged the chapter to start looking at this idea.  He has contacts at UNT and has been visiting and recruiting at other universities in the area.

Sick Call:  Jerry announced that Ben Lyons was still in the VA Hospital Spinal Cord Unit and reported on his progress.  He also announced that visitors were always welcome.  Jerry also reported that Harvey Cox is now at Baylor Hospital.  Harvey is a past chapter president and still continues to do much to support our chapter. In addition, Lee Smith is recovering from surgery and will not be at Vet-to-Vet for a while.  Linda Weston shared that Ron Fory lost his mother-in-law. 

Taps:  Jerry announced that we lost two very valued chapter members this year: W. D. Walker and Chuck Floyd.

Calendar for 2015 was reviewed and events were discussed.  Jerry called on members for other dates or information for the good of the chapter.  He also announced that any local VFW events could also be posted on the calendar if members shared the information with him.  Jerry also reported that a date and location would be added to the calendar for an awards dinner for this year’s scholarship winners and that it would not be held with our Honor the Ladies Night dinner.

New Business: Gary Neller suggested that the chapter investigate sponsoring a local Reserve SF unit.  In addition, Jerry recommended that the chapter may consider paying their first year’s dues in order to reach out to younger members.

Jerry presented the Chapter XXXI Member of the Year Award to Linda Weston and the chapter presented her with an autographed, framed print of Colonel Maggie.  Linda thanked all for the honor and also announced that she is trying to start an NCOA Chapter and is looking for 5 people to serve as trustees in order to start a local chapter.  If you are interested, please let her know.   

Special thanks were made to:  Mike O’Shea for all he does to help the chapter, Tony Bandiera with Sigel’s Liquor for all they do, Paul Gramza with the RSR Group, the MOWW for their donations at Christmas, Harvey Cox, and Phil Stone. Jerry also reported that Mike O’Shea started a scholarship fund in the chapter’s name at St. Joseph Catholic High School by funding it with $8500.  In addition, Mike O’Shea thanked Jerry for all he did to help the chapter prepare for the Medal of Honor Awards presentation last Spring at the Perot Museum and for all he does for the Military Ball.

The meeting ended with a special presentation from Lisa Coates, with the Quilts of Valor Foundation.  She and Jackie Watts presented quilts to all members present and announced an opportunity for other quilts to be presented to members not present by contacting Jerry. 

There was no other new business to discuss and meeting was adjourned at 20:50 hours .

Submitted, Georgene Moon, Secretary Chapter XXXl